Ruby Jean Patisserie Is a Boutique Dessert Studio for the Modern Sweet Lover

We create fresh and delectable cakes and treats for your next event (or just because!) utilizing American inspiration and European technique. Made to order for pick up or delivery.

Bakery in Denver, CO

Make your events more memorable by serving up irresistible baked goods that curb your guests’ sweet tooth. At Ruby Jean Patisserie, we offer to custom make an assortment of confections for the people of Denver, Colorado. Choose us for delicious creations that will exceed your expectations.


Ruby Jean Patisserie has created delightful, bespoke cakes for many years and is now happy to provide delicious confections to the people of Denver, CO. If you want expertly-designed, American-inspired sweet treats with exquisite European influences, then you have found the right bakery! Read on to learn more about our work.

Our Bakery Shop

Our bakery offers several different kinds of seasonal desserts that you can purchase for your event or even just to treat yourself. With our three-layer cakes, you can order a decadently filled cake with Italian buttercream meringue toppings. However, if cookies better suit your palate, we offer flavorful French macarons and cookies that are perfect for any occasion.

Do you have a wedding or other formal event that will happen this year? Our bakery shop offers a wide variety of custom desserts to accompany any party. Bespoke desserts are the perfect way to make your event extra special. From the flavors you prefer to the colors you love, you know that every bespoke cake and cookie you purchase from us will fit the mood and dazzle your guests.

Through years of training and dedicated work, we bring our own unique experiences to every dessert that we design. We source the majority of our ingredients locally for freshness and excellent quality, and never use any artificial flavors or preservatives. From our bakery to your home or party, you will get the best possible desserts with us.

Don’t just take our word for it, try for yourself today! If you are ready to order your custom cake or dessert or simply have questions, give us a call at (303) 815-6812 or fill out our online form.

Our Commitment to You

Macarons from a bakery in Denver, CO

We source our ingredients locally and organically as much as possible. Everything is measured, mixed, poured, and rolled by hand. We pride ourselves in using the finest procured ingredients, European butter, cage free eggs, and Belgian chocolate. Our products are baked without the use of artificial flavorings, preservatives, or shortening.

Our goal is to WOW your guests and make your events memorable. We aim to be the best bakery in Denver and become your go-to place for all things sweet.

Meet the Owner and Head Baker

Headed by owner and pastry chef Jen Essex, Ruby Jean Patisserie specializes in buttercream cakes and confections that combine premium quality ingredients and flavors with modern style.

Jen is a classically trained pastry chef who has studied at the prestigious French Pastry School in Chicago. It was under the tutelage of industry bests that she honed her skills and attention to detail, and uncovered her true passion for all things sweet. Jen’s unique approach to pastry arts fuses classic French technique with American inspiration, resulting in decadent and beautiful custom cakes and grand dessert tables that are as visually captivating as they are delicious.

When she is not baking you can find her chasing around her 13-year-old son, Liam and hanging with her husband Brandon and their two rescue puppies Olive and Teddy.

Let’s Talk About Your Dessert Needs

Get in touch with us to place an order for a custom cake or any other pastry dish. It would be a pleasure to bake a sweet treat for you and your loved ones!